My Uno Mille Fire

  • Hello there!

    Ok, as we all can see, this is a German forum and the language used is the German (oh, really!?) :nein:

    But I can´t write in german, 'cause I DON'T KNOW HOW TO.

    Ok, you guys will think: And how the hell, you came over here? :gaga:

    Answer: Cause I have Google Chrome on it! hahahaha :thumbup: (Google Chrome is translating the Forum pages automaticaly 8) )

    Well, let´s rock:

    I have a Fiat Uno "Mille" (this is the name given to the brazilian Unos with 1000cc), since 2007. And along the years, I've made some modifications on it, mainly stetical mods.

    The first mod, was the original Fiat Wheels 15x5,5 with Maxxis 195/50/r15 tires and a suspension work, cut springs + custom shock absorbers:

    Now, the car isn't much different... only changed the wheels paint, tires (kumho 175/55/r15), a little lower, yellow headlights and Stainless Steel muffler tip:




    So, that´s the way it is, actually, but not for a long time...

    Just bought an set of brazilian wheels 15x7 35, it´s kind of a OLDSCHOOL brazilian wheel, but, I think it will be great. I´m already tired about the Fiat wheels, that i´ve been using for looooong 3 years, and we really need some changes...

    So, as soon as I install the new wheels, i'll post some pics.

    Really thanks for your attention and comprehension!! sorry about the english, but that's the only way i've found to participate!!


    :ugly: :ugly:

  • The gas cap is on the other side than on the european Fiat Unos (Mille). :ugly:
    But otherwise and except of the front end it looks the same like a Fiat Uno MK1!:D

  • Nice!
    Planed Modifications on the Engine?
    Pics pics pics ^^

    Yeah, I have some plans for the months to come...

    Actually, I already have a motor waiting to be installed, it's a 1.4 8v Fire Flex (Motor that uses gasoline or alcohol in any proportions), but planning to use it only on gasoline, and in a distant future, install a turbo kit on it.

    Here in Brazil, people use mainly Sevel 1.6 or the Fiasa motors, on Fiat's, but I decided to try the 1.4 Fire, that is a modern motor here.

    I´ll post here the future up's in the car and ask for some ideas during the project evolution...

    Thanks!! :)